About the Rose Parakeet

The Rose Parakeet was designed and produced in the 1930s as a single seat sport biplane. Originally powered by a Continental 40 hp engine the little biplane was quite a departure from the larger Travel Air, Fleet, and New Standard biplanes of the time. Aerobatic, relatively fast, and easy to fly made it a favorite among those lucky enough to fly one. The Port Townsend Aero Museum’s Rose Parakeet was built from original plans and donated to us by the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum founded by Harold Hanson. This Parakeet has been fit with a Continental 85 hp engine which has given it quite an increase in performance.

Gift of the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum.

Maximum speed  100 mph
Landing Speed 40 mph
Length  16 feet
Wing span 20 feet
Empty Weight  458 lbs