About the Fairchild 22-C7B

The Fairchild Model 22 was a popular “Parasol” design in the early 1930s. Available with several engine choices during its production, the model 22-C7B was advertised with the promise of “snappy live wire performance” when equipped with the inverted Menasco C4 engine rated at 125 HP. In a time when it was more common to see biplanes than monoplanes, the Fairchild 22 was considered a very sporty aircraft. But with closed cabin aircraft on the horizon, the open cockpit 22 was quickly falling out of favor. NCI 3167 was one of only nine Model 22-C7Bs produced, and is the last surviving example as far as we know. Lovingly restored by Bill Worman of Orcas Island in the 1980s, it was donated to us through the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum, founded by Harold Hanson.

Gift of the North Cascades Vintage Aircraft Museum.

Maximum speed  125 mph
Landing Speed 45 mph
Length  21' 11"
Wing span 31' 10"
Empty Weight  1010 lbs