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1946 Cessna 140

The Cessna 120/140 Models were forerunners to today's modern all metal Cessna airplanes.... Read More

1924 Dormoy Bathtub (Replica)

The Dormoy Bathtub was a simple-to-construct, high wing racing aircraft of the 1920s. ... Read More

Schleicher Ka6E Glider

The Ka6E was first built in Germany by Alexander Schleicher. An improved version of the Ka6 first built in the fifties, this airplane has remained popular...... Read More

1931 Curtiss-Wright “Junior”

At least 270 of these "homely" looking little airplanes were built in 1931, as word got around about how much fun they were to fly. ... Read More

1929 Corben “Baby Ace”

The Baby Ace was designed in 1929 by O.G. Corben in Topeka, Kansas, as a cross between the Heath Parasol and the Pietenpol Sky Scout. ... Read More

1932 Benny Howard “Mike”

This airplane, a replica of the famous pylon racer of the thirties... ... Read More

1959 de Havilland DHC-I Chipmunk

The Chipmunk served as a military trainer for the Royal Canadian Air Force and British Royal Air Force, as well as a number of other countries including Portugal. ... Read More

1953 Mooney Mite M-18LA

These little airplanes quickly gained fame for their performance and economy, with the promise of two miles per hour for every single horsepower available ... Read More

1949 CallAir A-2

This is the same model CallAir Kenneth Arnold was flying when he witnessed what is generally considered the first widely reported unidentified flying object sighting in the United States. ... Read More

1928 Travel Air 2000

The Travel Air 2000 was known for its quality in construction, reliability, efficiency, and capacity (two passengers in the front with a pilot in the back). ... Read More