About the Travel Air 2000

Designed by Lloyd Stearman and manufactured by Curtiss-Wright and the Travel Air Manufacturing Company, the Travel Air 2000 was known for its quality in construction, reliability, efficiency, and capacity (two passengers in the front with a pilot in the back). Additionally, the open-cockpit biplane was noted for its comfort and easy flying. Because of this, Travel Air sold more aircraft than any other American manufacturer from 1924-1929, including 1 ,300 of these biplanes. PTAM’s Travel Air 2000 was donated in 2003 and underwent a complete restoration with the help of numerous volunteers. It was completed in 2017 and designed to look like a mail carrier for Pacific Air Transport, which many Travel Air 2000s were.

Gift of John Desmond.

Original engine 90 hp Curtiss OX-5
Current engine  220 hp Lycoming R-680
Fuel capacity 43 gal
Gross weight 2180 lbs