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1928 Travel Air 2000

The Travel Air 2000 was known for its quality in construction, reliability, efficiency, and capacity (two passengers in the front with a pilot in the back). ... Read More

1943 Aeronca L3 “Grasshopper”

Some 1400 of these great little aircraft were built for the Army Air Corps through 1943. Used extensively for liason, observation, and artillery spotting during WW Il... Read More

1946 Aeronca 7AC “Champ”

The Aeronca 7AC "Champ" was designed in 1944 by Ray Hermes. Ray started the design by listing everything he disliked about the popular Piper Cub.... Read More

Student Prince

This Student Prince was one of three aircraft built in the early 1930's by the Aircraft Builder's Corporation, a group of students enrolled in the Adcox Aviation Trade School in Portland, Oregon.... Read More

Vans RV-14

This beautiful RV-14 was built by Greg Novotny, a local museum supporter who brought it to the Port Townsend Aero Museum for painting.... Read More

Piper J3C-65 Cub

This Piper J3 Cub has trained more tail wheel pilots than any other aircraft... Read More