About the DeHavilland Tiger Moth DH82A 1938

1930’s biplane operated by the RAF and others as  a primary trainer. Both military and civil applications, they remain in widespread use as a recreational aircraft in many countries.

They differ from their predecessors, the Gipsy Moth by having a differential aileron control setup. The ailerons (lower wing only) are operated by an external mounted circular bell crank. This circular bell rank is operated by metal cables and chains from the cockpit control column. The result is an aileron control systems operating, with barely any travel down at all on the wing on the outside of the turn. While the aileron on the inside travels a large amount upwards to counteract adverse yaw.

Engine Continental 85 hp
Wing Span 29' 4"
Power 145 hp
Cruising Speed 90 mph
Length 23' 11"
Range 275 miles
Empty Weight 1,115 lbs