About the Gee Bee Model E 1932

The Gee Bee Model E, also known as the Gee Bee sportster, is a wonderful small aircraft designed by Granville brothers in the 1931s. The one you see on the display here is an exceptionally made exact replica made by Jim Jenkins over the course of over 5,000 hours from original plans made by the designers. Only 8 of the original aircraft were built in the 1930s, and this piece of history is one of the few left flying in the world. This aircraft was donated to PTAM by Cascade Vintage Aircraft Museum, and the Harold Hanson Family Trust.

The Model E was equipped with a Warner Scarab radial engine. This differentiated it from previous models which were all equipped with various in-line engines, and gives the craft its signature ovular shape.

Engine Continental 85 hp
Wing Span 25"
Gross weight 912 lbs
Maximum Speed 189 mph
Empty Weight 912 lbs
Purchase price in 1930 $5,000