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Stinson “Detroiter”

Stinson “Detroiter”

Stinson “Detroiter”
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1930 Stinson
SM–8A “Detroiter”

NC 930 W “Portland Airways” is the sole survivor of Portland Airways' fleet of Stinsons flown out of Swan Island Airport in Portland, OR, in the early thirties.

In 1933 the aircraft was sold to John Hackbarth of Santa Paula, CA. Mr. Hackbarth used the ship as an aerial mapping platform for the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey for 37 years.

In 1975, Jerry Thuotte bought the airplane, finishing it's restoration in 1983.


Engine – Lycoming R680 225 hp

Empty Weight – 2250 lbs

Cruise Speed – 100 mph

Seating capacity – 5 persons (incl pilot).

Interesting Facts – The large brass lamp on the right wing is indeed a landing light. It was manufactured in Dayton, Ohio in 1926 and sold as an after–market accessory. This was a common light in many aircraft of that era.

Flown regularly since its restoration.

On loan to Port Townsend Aero Museum by Jerry and Peggy Thuotte.

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Stinson “Detroiter”

Stinson “Detroiter”

Stinson “Detroiter”