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Schleicher KA6e Glider

Schleicher KA6e Glider
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1965 Schleicher KA6e Glider


The KA6e was first built in Germany by Alexander Schleicher. An improved version of the Ka5 first built in the fifties; this airplane has remained popular as a great performing vintage sailplane.

The KA6e was the epitome of sailplanes constructed entirely of wood. Many people mistake it for a fiber–glas or composite – type aircraft, which is now the standard.


Construction – Wood

Wingspan – 49’

Stall Speed – 37 mph

Glide ratio – 34 to 1

Interesting Facts – Only 394 of these were produced.

Gift of George Mollison.

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Schleicher KA6e Glider

Schleicher KA6e Glider