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PT–22 under restoration
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Ryan PT–22

Developed in 1940 by Claude Ryan as the ST–3KR, the military designated it the PT–22 “Recruit”.

Used to train literally thousands of young pilots for World War II, over 500 were bought after the war by civilians. Many still exist!

Shortly after the Ryan arrived, the museum staff repainted the top of the forward fuselage, using the proper olive drab green, and recovered the tail surfaces. They also polished more of the fuselage.


Year – 1942

Engine – Kinner 160 hp

Empty Weight – 1313 lbs

Useful Load – 547 lbs

Cruise Speed – 110 mph

Max Speed – 128 mph

Landing Speed – 54 mph

Interesting Facts – Our Ryan PT–22 is regularly flown by museum staff.

Loan of Jerry and Peggy Thuotte

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Ryan PT–22

Ryan PT–22 taxiing

Ryan PT–22 cockpit