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Heath Parasol at PTAM

Heath Parasol
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1926 Heath “Parasol”

As a popular home–built airplane, it was well known, and very well liked. It was the only aircraft that could be built at home from factory–made assembly kits into an airplane that was eligible for government (ATC) license.

The Heath B–4 engine, an upright 4 cyl. air–cooled power plant was a conversion of the popular Henderson motorcycle engine. The Heath B–4 developed 25 h.p. at 2800 r.p.m.


Engine – 1924 Henderson 25 hp

Length – 17’ 3”

Overall Height – 6’ 2”

Wingspan – 31’ 3”

Airfoil – Clark Y

Empty weight – 450 lbs

Cruise Speed – 62 mph

Landing Speed – 32 mph

Gift of Ed Lamb

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Heath Parasol

Heath Parasol

Heath Parasol