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Cessna 165 “Airmaster”

Cessna 165 “Airmaster”

Cessna 165 “Airmaster”
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Cessna 165 “Airmaster”

In 1938, the Airmaster was already known as “The world's most efficient airplane”. Cessna concentrated on improving the innards to make it an even better airplane. This included large friction free ball bearings, oil–draulic shock absorbing struts, a bowed out landing gear, and a new improved wing panel.

Pilots have said, “It performed well up in the thin air, was sensitive to power settings, and didn't fuss much about icing conditions.”

This model Cessna was introduced shortly before Cessna would have been facing bankruptcy. The airplane was such a great seller, it literally saved the company from collapse.


Year – 1938

Engine – Warner 165

Empty Weight – 1400 lbs

Cruise Speed – 157 mph

Landing Speed – 49 mph

Wingspan – 34’2”

Interesting Facts – The price of this aircraft when new was $8275.

Gift of Jim Clark and Gerald Gustafson

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Cessna 165 “Airmaster”

Cessna 165 “Airmaster”