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Bowlus “Baby Albatross” on display at PTAM

Bowlus “Baby Albatross”
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Bowlus BA–100
“Baby Albatross”

Designed in 1936 and offered as factory built or in kit form, this very popular aircraft sold for $450 in 1940. Available for homebuilders in ten different kits for a total price of $445.

Museum volunteers made some minor repairs to the airplane before putting it on display in the museum.


Wingspan – 44’ 6”

Length – 18’ 11”

Weight – 312 lbs

Maximum Speed – 62 mph

Normal Speed – 35 mph

Max lift to drag 19:1

Donated by Jerry and Peggy Thuotte.

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Bowlus “Baby Albatross” repairs

Bowlus “Baby Albatross”

Bowlus “Baby Albatross”

Bowlus “Baby Albatross” being hung in the Port Townsend Aero Museum