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Youth Mentorship Program

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The Port Townsend Aero Museum youth mentorship program has been central to our operation from the beginning. We have worked with young adults from all across the Puget Sound region, from Port Townsend to Bainbridge Island, Lacey to Port Angeles. Our volunteers come from an amazing variety of backgrounds and families.

The main requirement for participation in the program is strong commitment and desire to learn. Regardless of age, all volunteers at the museum are treated equally. We expect responsibility and consideration while we teach for skill.

Our young adult volunteers learn technical skills, management techniques, aviation history, and other related subjects. For those who show capability, dedication, and interest, we also have a flight training program. As any of our volunteers will attest, this is not a "free flight training" program, as a considerable investment of time, energy, and character comes before flight lessons.

Most importantly, the desire to participate must come from the individual, not his or her parents or advisors. In our experience, the program is fascinating and thrilling for those with strong interest. It is difficult and frustrating for those told to attend by others.

If you would like more information or have interest in joining the mentorship program, please contact us.

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Museum director Jerry Thuotte briefing volunteers at the before a day of work

Youth volunteer doing fabric work on an antique aircraft fuselage

PTAM flight instructor with one of the youth volunteers before a flight